Tyres For The Waste Industry

Liam Coyne Tyres service all machines in the Waste sector. Firstly, we offer Tyrol which is a very good sealant. Tyrol will seal any hole up to 16mm in diameter. Tyrol is ideal for use where nails are the major problem.

Secondly, we offer Arnco tyre fill. Pumped into the tyre through the valve Arnco replaces all the air and cures to a resilient, synthetic rubber core in 24 hours. It completely eliminates flats. This works on all cuts up to aprox 100mm.

Finally, for severe applications we recommend SG Solids. The Solid tyres are used where people can not have any down time and want long last solutions of flats.

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Tyrol Puncture Sealant

What is Tyrol Puncture Sealant?

Tyrol puncture sealant is a blend of fibres and gums held in suspension. It also contains antifreeze, bactericide, fungicide, and rust inhibitors. Tyrol puncture sealant is a water based product and can be washed or rinsed from tyres and tubes should a traditional repair be required because of a large gash or tear.

How does Tyrol Puncture Sealant work?

When a hole occurs in the tyre, under pressure, the sealant tries to go through the hole and at that stage because of factors such as narrow aperture, weight and air pressure a physical and chemical reaction takes place and the fibres come out of suspension and form a plug in the hole. Behind the visible plug the sealant stays moist which means that the plug never dries out and falls from the hole.

It may be knocked from the hole by a sudden bump or vibration, but during the next turn of the wheel it will seal again. Therefore Tyrol puncture sealant acts as a permanent treatment - not a temporary repair.

What are the advantages of using Tyrol Puncture Sealant?

  1. Cuts overheads by saving a chain reaction of cost and problem with more than 1 vehicle or driver.
  2. Saves cost of downtime.
  3. Vehicles away from base can be very expensive to have repaired or serviced.
  4. With H.P. pump vehicles can be treated on site.
  5. Fast seal (second or less) means so little air is lost that tyres maintain good pressure during use.
  6. Secondary damage caused by running flat, or just stopping the vehicles in time after a puncture, can often be eliminated.
  7. Saves cost of repair.
  8. Prevents inconvenience and irritation.
  9. Even when it won’t seal a large hole, sometimes it may get the vehicle home.
  10. Tyrol puncture sealant does not "Ball-up" in the tyre as some other products.
  11. Will not freeze.
  12. Will not cause rust - tyres can be re-treaded.
  13. No harmful effects unless it is swallowed.
  14. Environmentally friendly. No ozone destructive gas propellants are used and the liquid base is biodegradable.

Arnco Flat Proofing

Flat tyres cause expensive downtime that can be avoided by having them filled with Arnco Superflex. Even in the most hazardous operating environments your tyres will roll right over spikes, scrap metal, nails & rocks. You could even shoot them with an elephant gun and keep on rolling. This is a step up from normal foam filling that does not provide the literally bullet proof protection achieved when using Superflex.

If you want the peace of mind and cost savings associated with flat proofing, please call us for a quotation. The work is done in our workshops and we will need your tyres and rims delivered to us off the vehicle for a period of 2-3 days. Alternatively we can carry out the whole process ourselves. We come to your workplace, remove the wheels and tyres, take them to our workshop, fill them and return them and refit them. This can be done over a weekend to reduce downtime. We pick up on a Friday afternoon and refit on a Monday morning.

Using specialist equipment we can replace the air in a tyre by pumping Arnco's patented liquid polyurethane through the valve system. The result is a synthetic rubber core that will never go flat and thanks to Arnco's unequaled formulation process, tyres run much smoother and cooler. It combines the performance of a pneumatic tyre with the durability of a solid tyre and even surpasses that of an air-filled tyre.

S.G. Solids

International Tyres are OTR tyre experts specialising in industrial tyre and wheel sales, super cushion solid tyres, giant tyre sales and revolution solid tyres.

Not only do International Tyres supply revolution solid tyres, which are a unique product to the industrial tyre industry, but also are specialists in wheel and giant tyre sales. The industrial tyre company, International Tyre and Wheel Solutions are renowned for quality and excellence for revolution solid tyres and giant tyre sales.

Please contact International Tyre and Wheel Solutions today for more information on super cushion solid tyres, giant tyre sales and revolution solid tyres.

S.G. Solids - Range


C1 C2 C3 LC2 SC1
Y Y1 Y2 A SE

S.G. Solids - Loader Service

Loading Shovel fitted with SG Revolution SE traction pattren super cushion solid tyres. The S2C2 Revolution super cushion solid tyre hard waring tyres for tough applacations the customers #1 choice. The DWL Rrvolution Cushion solid tyres with an average of 150mm of tread was designed to supply the very best in cost per hour with a ride similar to foam filled. The most exciting innovation Revolution has developed.
For specifications, click here.

S.G. Solids - Conversions

Converted from 440-80X28 to 17.5X25 SG Revolution SE pattern. Converted from 440-80X28 to 17.5X25 SG Revolution SE pattern. Converted from 395/85X20 to 1200X20 C2 pattern with special OD. Converted from 395/85X20 to 1200X20 C2 pattern with special OD.
Converted from 15.5/80X24 to 1300X24 SG Revolution SE pattern. Converted from 10.5/80-18 to the SG Revolution 36-14X20 SE-R pattern. This Road Railer has its tyre costs reduced by using the SG Revolution 1000X20 smooth pattern fitted on its inside wheels. Converted from 15.5X25 to the 1300X24 SG Revolution SE pattern.

S.G. Solids - Skid Steer

Revolution SE Pattern Tyre - the Traction Tyre - is the perfect match for your Skid Steer Machine. Full range of sizes are available.

SG Revolution tyres like a challenge such as quarries, waste sites, steel works and glass works. For all your hard work and tough applications fit the SG Revolution - the hard-wearing tyre.

You will not be disappointed.

S.G. Solids - Fork Truck

S.G. Solids - Terminal Handler

The SG Revolution tyre for container handlers suplies the perfect balance of front end stability and maximum machine time. The SG Revloution tyre for internal trailers are available in various sizes and patterns. These durable, hard-working tyres are the end-users' solution for down-time and lower costs per hour. SG Revolution tyres are fitted to the rear axle on tugs in many docks and wharfs globally; the unique built-in aperture suspension in the tyre resolves the problem of vibration and wear on the connection hitch.

S.G. Solids - Documents

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3.ITWS Waste Industry Sita
4.ITWS Waste Industry PGC
5.ITWS Materials Handling & Data

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